• New Album Release – 2018
  • “Body Of Soul” – Sheyana 2017
  • ‘Keep the Change’ -The Sheyana Band – EP release 2015
  • ‘Two Birds’ – Sheyana, ft song on ‘Sifted Sunshine’ – national compilation release 2012
  • ‘Sweet Honesty’ – Sheyana – EP release 2010
  • ‘Firehorse’ – Sheyana – debut album release 2002
  • Time – Sheyana ft song on ‘Apple Slice’ compilation CD of Tasmanian Original Artists 2000
  • ‘Where all roads meet’ – Sheyana ft song written for ‘Hidden Caves Common Ground’, community arts CD 2000
  • ‘Wash me in the water’ – Sheyana, ft song on

‘Bloomers’, Australian Women Singer-Singwriters CD 1999

SHEYANA – Sweet Honesty CD Review

“Two Birds,” the single from the “Sweet Honesty” EP, the sophomore cd from Tasmania based songsmith Sheyana, is an almost anachronistic piece. Every aspect of this composition harkens to a time when content was king and consumption was not based on how much bubblegum noise was needed to sell empty pop to tweens and drunk club-goers. Passing on slick, superficial overproduction; “Two Birds” takes a scaled down approach that concentrates on the sultry texture of Sheyana’s voice and the bare emotion of the lyrics. The straightforward instrumentation accentuates the atmosphere of honest outpouring; a deep inquiry into the anatomy of a crumbling relationship. “Birds” is a fitting bookend to “Sweet Honesty”, creating a well balanced concept album– building from the melancholy “Undone” to the moody energy of cathartic “Release.”

by Kenny Pop.