A prolific songwriter with 5 albums under her belt, the new CD ‘Big Love’ displays the chemistry she has with her longtime band mates creating her best work yet.

Her Sri Lankan father and Tasmanian mother met on a rock‘n’rollin’ ship bound for England in the swinging 60’s! Sheyana has always written poetry and after moving to Tasmania aged 8, inspired by early memories of London she picked up her first guitar. She developed a love of harmonies from her mother’s family choir and began writing songs in her early teens. Her recording career began in 1998 when she entered a National songwriting competition for Australian women singer/songwriters.

Her song “Wash me in the water” was featured on the compilation album “Bloomers One” through Roadshow Warner. In 2002, Sheyana recorded her debut album ‘Firehorse’ featuring the single “Clear pools of blue” which received local airplay. Performing shows around Tasmania to promote her own songs she formed a duo with Scott Mainwaring (Pale Riders) and recorded the Sweet Honesty EP which featured the award winning “Two Birds” and “Undone”. The Sheyana Band recorded its first EP “Keep the Change” in 2015. Travelling to Sri Lanka to reunite with her father, she discovered her second island home and a new audience for her music. Sheyana toured Sri Lanka in 2015 performing live shows with appearances on national TV, radio and music videos.

The single “Keep the change” bulleted to number 6 in Sri Lanka. Back in Tasmania, Sheyana has been performing solo shows on the Spirit of Tasmania and fronting the Sheyana Band at Skyfields, Mona and other Tassie gigs while recording their new album. The Sheyana Band has received national/international recognition and airplay, supporting some of Australia’s most respected musicians including Neil Finn, Meg Mac, Renee Geyer, Diesel, The Angels, Ian Moss, Bill Chambers This musical melting pot has left a profound mark on the singer-songwriter allowing her to create a sound that is as strong and emotive as it is accessible.