Touring in Australia in 2016, The Sheyana Band is releasing a new album which will marry contemporary Folk/Rock/Soul/Pop tones with Country Blues & Roots influences.

The musical melting pot Sheyana was born into has left a profound mark on the singer-songwriter allowing her to blend and create a sound that is as strong and emotive as it is accessible.

Sheyana’s musical journey was preceded by her parents’ romantic meeting on a ship bound for England. Her father Sri Lankan, her mother Tasmanian and when Sheyana Wijesingha was born, London was swinging.

Having moved to the island state of Tasmania from London as a child, she soon began making music of her own. Surrounded by her mother’s family choir, the family performed at local events and practiced at a heavenly little church called St Patrick’s in Latrobe. It was there that the musical seed was born and nurtured, along with her love of harmonies, rhythm and song writing.

Early milestones included Roadshow Warner recording her composition ‘Wash me in the Water’ where Sheyana performed at the Triple J Showcase Concerts in Sydney. The track was chosen to feature on the national album release ‘Bloomers –Australian Women’s Singer Songwriters’.

Whilst raising four children of her own, Sheyana produced ‘Time’ that featured on ‘Apple Slice’, a compilation of Tasmanian original artists and was soon after commissioned to workshop, write and perform several songs for a community arts project titled ‘Hidden Caves, Common Ground’, funded by the Australia Council.

Her eclectic debut album ‘Firehorse’ (2002) is a testament to her early influence’s and the talent she collaborates with. This album was recorded on reel to reel, straight up with no effects. Co-produced with Tasmanian artist and former bass player Matt Groom, the album features Sheyana’s velvety tones maturing with an infusion of whisky-blues.

Sheyana’s song writing and magnetic on stage presence has not gone unrecognized, receiving national and international airplay and supporting some of Australia’s most respected musicians including Renee Geyer, Diesel, The Angels, Ian Moss, Bill Chambers and international artist, Eugene Hideaway Bridges.

With the 2015 release of (alt country, rock & roots) EP ‘Keep the Change’, news of international success arrived whilst celebrating an exclusive launch at the “Festival of King Island”. The single ‘Keep the Change’ was bulleting to number 6 on the charts in Sri Lanka. The Sheyana Band were nominated – Top 5 Bands in Sri Lanka for 2015 with an invitation to attend the YESFM Music Awards.

Not for the first time had Sheyana received international recognition as her previously released EP “Sweet Honesty” (2010), with the opening track ‘Undone’ filmed in Sri Lanka, received airplay on Colombo’s major radio station YESFM. What followed was an invitation to appear live on the primetime televised ETV music show.

Back home the single ‘Two Birds’ from the Co-produced EP with Scott Mainwaring was selected to feature on ‘Sifted Sunshine’ a compilation album of Australian artists released in January 2012. The track was drawn as a finalist of the ABC’s Fresh Air Song Writing Competition and placed 2nd in the Blues and Roots category of the OzSong International Song Writing Competition

.Sheyana’s songs are tempered with rock solid musicianship and impassioned storytelling. She captivates her audience with pure soul felt poetry with a powerful southern roots groove, a mirrored infusion of her life’s experiences and sense of spirit, place, family and island home.