“Hard-hitting southern rock and blues outfit The Sheyana Band tear up the highway with their killer riffs, swampy swagger and earth-shattering front lady Sheyana. In total the album holds fourteen gut-bursting tracks, although the band carefully toe the line between all-out roots rock n’ roll and gentler, soulful blues songs, twisting and turning through energetic rhythms and emotional stories.”  By TUNEDLOUD


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“The Sheyana Band have crafted a masterful blend of rock and blues with Big Love and it’s an absolute delight to listen to. The song swings with its infectious rhythms and the exemplary guitar work adds just the right amount southern rock and charm. Sheyana’s voice is an experience in and of itself, and she pairs so effortlessly and harmoniously with the music. All of this makes Big Love a song you can’t afford to miss.” By Larry Iaccio, Stereo Stickman

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Larry Iaccio


“There is a wonderful blend of accessibility and authentic rootsiness that puts me in mind of Fleetwood Mac. Not the early purist blues of the Peter Green era nor the slick Californian supergroup schtick of the Buckingham/Nicks successes but that often overlooked transitional period between the two when Christine Perfect was the star of the show. A much more interesting period and as a reference point it tells you all you need to know about The Sheyana Band‘s deft weaving of generic honesty and their ability to pen commercial hits.” Reviewed by Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

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Dave Franklin

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